About company

Let me briefly introduce you to our site.

We provide a safe, easy way to book and pay for lodging directly from owners or their agents via the Internet on-line.

If you are interested in leisure, then you select the desired country, resort, set your budget, check whether the free villa or apartment, book and pay for. All this - without leaving your home or office. We do not sell tickets and do not deal with visas, accommodation only.

Maybe you need to make a business or tourist trip to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities, thus you do not want to overpay for expensive hotels and do not wish to dwell in the former Soviet hotels, we offer a reasonable alternative: a settlement in a comfortable city apartments with daily payment .

The choice of apartments on our website contains no more risk than choose a hotel over the Internet, provided you are sure of the owner of the apartment or villa. For reliability hotel meets its name, information about the reliability of the owner or manager of the villa provides Rurenter.ru.

We give you the opportunity to assess the reliability of the owner for housing choice, use the following criteria:

- The most important criterion is the "index" of the owner - the higher the value, the orders received and successfully completed this owner
- Read the "Reviews" on this villa, verified by us and see what they think about the previous owner of real customers.
- Pay attention to consumer rating, expressed in number of stars from 1 to 5, assigned to the actual tenants
- If you're not sure, ask us for information about the owner - we check the history of the owner and give its recommendation.

Usually, all homeowners prefer to receive an advance payment in advance, so as not to potyaryat money in case of cancellation, especially in high season. But for your safety, we will pay the owners of the money only for services rendered after the end of your stay.

Your contract:
Your contract is always with the owner of the home, not with us. You pay us, but your contract will appear on the property owner. We do not inspect the property and do not guarantee the accuracy of the information laid out by the owner of the site. If you have any questions, please send them to us and we'll help you ..

Claims must be sent to the owner (lessor), because it is responsible to you in accordance with the Contract. You need to do it as quickly as possible, to enable him to correct the situation. You should refer to your contract on arrival in rented accommodation. You can also share their experiences, giving the appropriate response on your return.