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How to order?

Go to page a selected object and click on "Book"
Select the desired time on the calendar and the number of people.
Click "Save." Your request will be sent to the object owner by email.
You can view the status of your application in his private office on the site.

After setting the account holder on the payment you will be notified by e-mail.

Prepayment and the full amount must be paid before the date specified in the order to maintain the reservation. After the deposit payment is sent to you the full contact information about the owner.

As soon as your application will be paid in full, you will receive an email with detailed instructions for your arrival and the procedure for obtaining the keys to the settlement.

I sent a reservation request, but no one answered. What should I do?

Rurenter not control orders on behalf of the owners - we rely on the fact that they themselves respond to you through the booking system. We monitor the activities of owners and encourage them to increase in the index for quality services. This index is reflected in the description of all the villas on the site to help you make your choice.

Some property owners are responsible more quickly than others - we send a reminder every 24 hours. If after 3 days you have not received an answer, we recommend you book another house.

We strongly recommend you pay attention to the index member when choosing housing options. The index is shown in the upper right corner of the house and the description is credited, beginning with znachenieya 50. Owners of higher-index has collaborated with Rurenter and proved to be reliable with a positive history of Landlords of customer service. You will have a much better chance of getting a quick and positive response to your request, the owner of a higher index.

Can I contact the member (owner of the house) before the order is placed?

Yes, just e-mail. No need to handle the possible dates of settlement, since this information can be found by clicking on the tab for "Prices and Reservations." To find out the price for a week, you must hover your mouse on the desired date and you will see the price per week or per day. If prices are not set, please contact us by clicking on the tab "Ask a Question" on the page object.

When should I pay for accommodation?

The payment date set by the owner. Preloplata to be held shortly after the confirmation. Then you have to pay the balance on the account. You will be sent a reminder closer to the date of payment. .

Prepayment or the full amount must be paid before the specified date of arrival in order to maintain the reservation. .
As soon as the invoice will be paid in full, you will receive an email with detailed instructions regarding your arrival and obtain the keys to the settlement.

Can I make a provisional booking?

As such, initially you do a temporary order as to bail you are under no obligation. Once you have sent a request for a reservation at home, nobody else can not claim the same house, using a system Rurenter. After confirmation of the order the owner gives you a certain amount of time to prepare the prepayment. This will depend on the particular owner.

I have not received the keys to the house and I leave in 6 days. What should I do?

You can also call the manager or owner of the object. Also, this information can be found in your e-mail message you receive after full payment.

Why can not I find prices for next year?

Because the owner has not set prices. You can hasten the installation of its price, sending him a message using the shortcut to the "Ask a Question"

I have to cancel your reservation. Will I lose a prepayment?

Maybe. You can ask the owner whether they can cancel your reservation without penalty, but it was his choice. If the owner agrees, he will do it directly to you (Rurenter has no mechanism for the return of the collateral). It must be borne in mind that the owner already has some of the costs paid in Rurenter, so the total return unlikely.

As we get the keys to the villa?

The complete statement is made on arrival and sent to the owner automatically upon full payment. If you have not received it after the full payment of your reservation, then please. contact with the owner. You can contact the owner by logging into your personal account (an account) and clicking on the "Ask a Question" in the area of ​​reservation or ask a question on the page of the villa.

How do I cancel my reservation?

Sign in to your account and go to the area of ​​booking. Then click on "Cancellations". If you have not paid a deposit, then withdrawal - is free. If you have already paid a deposit, then he will not be refunded. (Unless you have agreed in advance with the owner). If you have already paid full price, then you may get something back in accordance with the Terms cancellation policy adopted by the owner.

I want to change the date of the temporary reservation. What should I do?

The owner may change the dates for you. Please contact the owner on this issue. If you come to your area of ​​tenant and click on "Ask a Question" in your area, your reservation, you can send him / her a message.

When will I receive e-mail address and instructions on the location of the villa?

You will receive instructions on the procedure for your arrival and to obtain keys to your email address immediately after the full oplaty.broni.

Calculate whether the price of the whole object or a person?

Most of our facilities offer price for the entire object. Some of the prices given are per person. If so, it is clearly visible on the page object.

Whether you're a long-term lease?

Rurenter originally specialized in short-term rental, namely, to vacation and business trips. However, some owners offer discounts for long stay. You can contact the owners by using the tab "Ask a Question" on the declaration of the object.

How should we act if we want to complain about our vacation?

In rare cases, when you need to complain about your holiday, remember that you have a contract between you and the manager of the object, but not with Rurenter. Rurenter can not be held responsible for any inaccuracies, published by our users, using, our software.

So, first you have to contact the owner to complain. Most problems are solved with an immediate notification of the owner. You need to give the owner a reasonable time to correct problems.

Secondly, as option, you should use a review of the facility to express your opinion and allow the owner to answer. Everyone is invited rested feedback about the site via email or you can go to your subject and press reviews. Depending on how you value the object can affect the position of the object through Rurenter Index and specifically its impact on consumer rating. The owners are usually very concerned about their reputation very seriously and respond to bad reviews.

We also take very seriously the complaints and monitor all the reviews about the objects. In emergency situations, we can remove an object that constantly gets bad reviews.

If all efforts to get satisfaction on a complaint, but without result, then we connect our efforts as a mediator between the parties. If you believe that Rurenter must intervene, please contact us.

How can I renew my book?

You need to contact the manager of the object and ask about it, if possible. They will be able to change your reservation accordingly. To contact them, please login to your account and go into a zone of booking. Click on "Ask a Question" there.

Is it safe to book online?

If you pay by credit card, you are insured to your payment system. If there is any problem, you can cancel the payment. You have the right to be cautious, so if you have any doubts, do not pay in advance for reservation by check or debit card. We help you find the objects with which we have repeatedly had to deal, by increasing Index of the object manager for each successful booking through us, as well as positive feedback from customers, you can check. If you are experiencing a booking directly with the owner, choose the objects with a high index and 'average. Please ask us "info" and you will see the exact number of transactions, which we spent together with the manager object. Although you have a direct contract with the owner, but the money you pay us, so we are also responsible for the return of your money if the service was not provided. So we can assure you that we monitor closely the activities of our landlords and present to you, our customers, this information.

I made the order. How do I contact the manager of an object?

Sign in to your account and go to the zone broniroaniya. Click on "Ask a Question"

My order disappeared!

You are logged in Rurenter twice? This is the usual situation with the users - have more than one account, one with the order and another that is not used. Please double check that you have not yet have an account with us.

How can I add something else to my order?

To add an additional person in the order, you need to contact the owner of your zone tenant, so that they can change the order in the reservation system.

Why my order was rejected?

We do not know. The owner has the right to reject requests without explanation. Send your request with the request of the reason for the refusal.

I have not received confirmation from the owner. How long should I wait before looking for an alternative facility?

Please let the owner of 2-3 days to respond to your request.

Most answered within 48 hours. Once you have sent your request, the owner is notified by e-mail. They receive a notice every day, has not responded yet.

If you have not received a response from them during this time, we recommend that you search for more options www.rurenter.ru Please note that you can make several requests for reservations, because You do not have any commitments until you have made payment.

We encourage you to pay attention to Index . This is a rating that we assign to each object, according to the number of transactions carried out according to the owner or manager. Having a higher index are obviously more reliable, and can respond much faster.

problems when viewing the web site

To our web site displayed correctly, check the Safety of your system. We recommend that you reduce the level of security for our site.

I'm trying to book

object that is available for order, but is not the desired start and end dates.

The reason for that. That the owner set up the system so that orders are taken, which will be made only with specific dates or days of the week. You could send a message to the owner, so he turned off the filter start order, although there is no guarantee that he will accept.

What if my card validity period is over to return my deposit for possible damage?

For security reasons, we can not return the deposit to another card, different from the one with which to make payments.

We will send you a message at the date of refund.

Can I make an order by phone?

We can advise you on the phone, but we do not accept telephone orders. All available options can be found by clicking on the tag price and book at the subject. Here you can get on-line value and make a reservation. If you have any questions that are not in the detailed description of the object, you can contact us by clicking on the tab "Ask a Question" to describe the object. Rurenter not have any additional information about an object, any more than is already available on the website. Rurenter not inspect facilities. We encourage you to give preference in your search for objects with high Index , since they have a higher reliability (they have made through our booking), and objects that have already received feedback from previous customers.

Where should I paste the code or special discount voucher code received from the owner or Rurenter?

When you select your dates, number of people and hit the book will take you to a page that contains the details of the order value and additional services. Enter your code on the page in a cell for the special discount code. You will need to automatically receive your discount, if not, then click on "update price".

Questions about payment for your order.

How can I pay for my order? (For tourists)

If you have an account with WebMoney, you can pay your order on our website.
To do this on your application page, select the payment spososob "WebMoney".
Click "Go to payment".
Read the rental agreement is between you and the owner of the property and agree.
Click on "Pay Bill".

You'll be taken to payment system site WebMoney.ru,
where you can make an authorization chosen method and confirm the payment.


 Here is our WM id 250333094036
Check Certificate

To make changes to the terms, conditions and methods of payment of your order, you should contact the owner. Send an email to the owner may be from your personal account Tenant on the page of the application by clicking on "Send a message to the owner."
If you have not received a complete answer to your question, please ask us for more information.

I made an advance payment. When I get instructions on location of the object and to obtain the keys to the facility?

When you pay your bill in full and the security deposit in case of material damage, you will receive these instructions along with notification of your payment by e-mail.
If you do not receive this email, then log in to your tenant, click on "Instructions for the coming" (in progress). You'll see the same information, which should have received by email.
You will also get complete contact information about the owner. You can find it in your account, the tenant under the button "Ask Question".

Why is it better to pay

as advised Rurenter? Under development

Convenience. Pay online by credit card. Safer. You are insured security system credit card.
Immunity. Do you have additional insurance, since You know that Rurenter keep your money until the end of your holiday.
Clarity. You can access your personal account and the tenant to see the status of your order and make payment.
Efficiency. All of our users use the advanced control system.

What should I do if the amount withdrawn from my credit card is different from that calculated at the rate of conversion, when I made the order?

We make no payments in your currency and the currency you selected object. The operator your credit card calculates with you at the current rate on the day of withdrawal amount from your account, as they add their margins. Rate of conversion from one currency to another is constantly changing. We invoice in the currency of the object, they make the conversion.

How I make payment? is in development

You must log in to your account tenant to move into your area of ​​booking and make payment.
Then click on "View Order / Checkout" and then you move on to a new page. Read the "Terms and Conditions" and click on the agreement. There you will find a "Pay" button. Clicking on it, you must enter your credit card details and pay.

How do I make full payment?

Just as you have paid a deposit. When you visit a www.rurenter.ru, using your username and password, go to the zone of booking. Then click on "View Order / Checkout", fill out and pay.

In what currency we make payment?

Some items have prices in dollars. Others are denominated in Pounds Sterling, Euros and U.S. Dollars. However, if you pay in another currency, it does not affect the way your payment. All you have to do - is to pay by credit card as you pay for any other orders.

I accidentally paid

twice. What should I do to fix this double payment?

If this happens, you should contact Rurenter directly. Please contact us using our Contact Us site.

Can we transfer payment from one order to another?

You can not transfer payment from one order to another. We do not store any card details, so you need to make another payment.

Can we use several cards to pay for?

Sorry, no.

What do I do if my payment does not pass through your billing system?

Yes. If you have any problems during the payment of your card, we suggest you to contact us.

Which credit cards do you accept? Under development

Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Switch Maestro, Visa Debit, Delta, Electron.
Please note: we do not accept Maestro for orders in euros and U.S. dollars, there is also a small fee for carrying out payment by card.

How do I place my object (house, apartment, apartment, villa) on your site?

  1. Register. Simply enter a valid email address and create a password.
    You will be sent an email with a confirmation code from the site.

  2. Sign in to your personal account and fill in your details

  3. Add a new object. Note the location, complete information, download the photo.

  4. Enter the price of renting an object for different dates.

  5. Mark the date on which the object will not give up.

Questions about using the website.

Rurenter Can answer questions about objects?

Yes. We personally do not inspect facilities, but we can send your questions about the objects directly to the owners.
After payment you will be able to communicate directly with the owner, sometimes it will do in English in English.
If you want to ask about some specific features of the villa or apartment, the best option is to send the owner a question. You can do this by clicking on "Ask a Question"

I can not remember my username and password - help!

There is a function on the password reminder page to login. All you need to - remember this email address email address ... so if you forget your password, you will receive it by e-mail.

Do you have any paper catalog?

All descriptions of our facilities you will find on www.rurenter.ru online.
All available accommodation dates can be found by clicking on "Rates and Reservations" on the objects that interest you. From here you can get online and book value calculation.
If you have any specific questions that are not reflected in the description of the object, you can contact directly with the owner / agent by clicking on the tab "Ask a Question" in the description of the object. Rurenter not have any additional information about the object except those already available on the website. Rurenter not inspect facilities. . We encourage you to give preference in your search for objects with high Index , since they have a higher reliability (they have made through our booking), and objects that have already received feedback from previous customers.

What is the Index?

The index is essentially an assessment of the owner or manager. The more orders for a specific house we can handle, the more confidently we can recommend to our clients. At the same time increases the likelihood that the calendar dates to book this house will be kept up to date and are accurate.
We also monitor the number of orders rejected due to inaccurate calendar and / or cost.
We believe that you should have this information before you make a reservation to avoid disappointment due to imprecise calendars.

The higher the score, represented by the index, the more likely that the calendar is available for booking accurate and relevant, and you'll get a favorable response to your request. And we will recommend this home with more confidence.

This does not mean that a low index means that you should avoid booking the house. Index - just our way to help you navigate the list of objects presented, based on the opinions of our customers. Keep in mind that new objects appear in the index 50.

For your convenience, the first in the search results will be presented to the objects with the highest index and consumer ratings.

Why should I believe the authenticity of customer reviews?

All customers who make orders through the system Rurenter (a system that manages all objects in www.rurenter.ru) are invited to write a review about your holiday and put down rating for apartments or villas. All feedback from our customers who have been through the system Rurenter, are rated with stars. Guest stars are loaded without any other owner of his orders to use the system Rurenter, or outside the system. Therefore, we can guarantee the truth of reviews only marked by stars. Published all the comments - and the bad and good, but the owner has the right answer or to remove a review. Reviews page shows the amount harvested times.

Can you help me find a facility for recreation?

We can give you for the consideration of several sites, but the choice is yours. Also, we placed our resources in such a design that helps you the most simple way to use a vast array of information located on our website. For an overview of the variety of objects www.rurenter.ru visit to check the possibility of using an object, simply click on the object and select the tab prices and booking. In this area you will receive an online pricing and the opportunity to book. Rurenter not have any additional information regarding property located on the site, nor do we inspect facilities. If you have any further questions, then you can contact the owner directly or through our interpreter, by clicking Ask a question, your message will be sent directly to the owner. When searching for an object, we recommend that you pay attention to the value of the Index. The owners of a large index we have already proved their reliability. Also check out page of reviews to look at the reviews left on this site previous vacationers.

I changed my email address after the order is placed, what should I do?

Sign in to your account tenant, click on the My Details and change your email address there.

I made the order, waited 30 minutes and did not receive an e-mail

Within 30 minutes, we automatically send you a copy of your request for booking, but no confirmation from the owner /agent.

If you have not received any email from us, then you need to check that you have entered your email address or that any spam filters do not block our messages.

As reviewed

affect the index?

Testimonials from clients who have gone through our system improves the index owner, also contributes star rating. Assigned to the client. Obviously, the more stars, the higher the rating. However, please remember that the main contribution to the size of the index brings fulfillment, reviewers do not make a decisive contribution to the value of the Index.

Feedback from customers added control object (such as from tourists vacationing in the villa before the owner joined Rurenter or from guests who vacation at the villa, but did not order through our system) does not change the size of the survey.

We do so because we can verify the authenticity of only those customers who placed an order through our system and it provides our customers with the correct assessment of what we know about a particular object.

Terms and Conditions

clicking on the button when booking, you agree to the following:

  1. you do not sign a contract with our site or Rurenter, when you place an order using our software. In fact, you place an order directly to the owner or his authorized agent. Details of the above will be described in your contract on the reservation, with whom you agree with online payment for your order.

  2. You understand that we do not load and compile information on the site, and we can not guarantee its accuracy.

  3. We provide you with information and analysis relative to the previous orders (index) and assessment of these facilities (including star rating). It's all to help you make choices and decisions to book or not a particular object. Therefore, you should understand that you are taking on more risk by booking an object that does not have orders or customer feedback than if you chose an object with a higher index and more than a lot of reviews and stars. Thus, we can not guarantee the quality of housing or services and any complaints can be directed only to the owner or authorized agent.

  4. You can express their disappointment or delight, using a system of feedback in the form of feedback. After each on our order, we invite and ask guests to leave a comment about accommodation. To do this, you will receive an email from us.

  5. Provided that you follow the instructions on the procedure of payment, we provide you as part of our service to facilitate your reservation, you can pay for your order by credit card (or debit card for payment in rubles). If you do everything according to the instructions on the procedure for payment, any refunds due to cancellation or for any other reason shall be payable. If you make any payments to the owner or his agent to any other ways other than those provided by us, then we can not help you compensate for any losses that may occur.

  6. As payment for our service of booking we take 2.5% for Master Card and Visa and 3.5% for American Express (3 pounds, 4 Euros, 5 Dollars, or 150 rubles, if you use a debit card), plus payment for the booking, how to count in your order for booking, and which is not refundable in case of cancellation from your side.